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Drawing References and Resources
Fresh daily compilation of drawing, sketching, design and photoshop resources and references for designers and picture artists.
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Hair Drawing Reference Guide

Hair Drawing Reference Guide | Drawing References and Resources | Scoop.it
Jerome Okutho's insight:

Everything you need to know about drawing hair on male and females is included in this reference guide. The hairstyles range from bald to medium to long. This is an extremely useful guide for any portrait artist.

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TUTO | How to draw Heads and Hair

TUTO | How to draw Heads and Hair | Drawing References and Resources | Scoop.it

Begin by drawing a large circle. Divide this circle horizontally into thirds, and cut it in half with a vertical line. Do not worry if your horizontal lines don't split the face into even pieces; the proportions will be different depending on the style of face you want to draw, anyway, so its all right if they aren't exact.
Next, draw a little mark (a short line, not a dot) directly beneath the circle. In this particular picture, the distance from the circle to the mark is the same as the length of the lower third portion of the circle. This mark will represent the chin, so make sure it's a short line rather than a dot or the chin will be too pointy. Raising or lowering the chin mark is one way to adjust the shape and appearance of the face. Next, draw two diagonal guidelines. They should be tangent to the sides of the circle, and intersect the edges of the chin mark

Hranush Manukyan's insight:

Learn the steps to draw heads and hair. Wth the simple drawing tips you will be able to draw different types of haircuts!